IMG_20130314_122837_1Our intervention programmes support young people who find school challenging.

Our intervention programmes target disengaged and at risk young people who find mainstream education difficult. We work with these students to combat antisocial behaviour, reengage them in education and improve their self-esteem.


We use the outdoors to provide a totally different learning environment, without the restraints of an indoor classroom. Path Hill Outdoors also has indoor facilities, student IT resources and a range of offsite activities. These complement and enhance our intervention programmes.


Our hands-on approach to learning is based on practical activities, broken down into short, succinct learning outcomes with clear objectives. Many of these activities contribute toward AQA Unit Award Scheme accreditation and other skills based qualifications.


Our staff have enhanced DBS checks, first aid qualifications and professional leadership qualifications. They are experienced in identifying and understanding student behaviours and encouraging coping strategies so that individuals can manage themselves more appropriately. Daily briefings and debriefings for all staff enhance their capabilities in working with challenging students and allow collective problem solving for specific situations. We have recently revamped our monitoring, assessment and reporting/liaison procedures so that we can ensure continuous progress of our students and that they have direction and hope for the future. If you would like a copy of our new Quality Improvement Plan please contact us.


We regularly work with Families, Social services, the Youth Offending Service, Schools and other agencies working with our students.