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Group Programmes

‘Salt of the Earth’ is a 4-6 week, short term, group programme that is designed to give students a boost in confidence, encourage them to take risks and to adopt a growth mindset. It is particularly suited to students lacking in self-esteem, or who have suffered some sort of setback. The program can run either in school or at Path Hill. Some of these programmes can be part funded by the Teenage Wilderness Trust

The programme is tailored to the need of each group and some recent feedback gives an idea of the sort of outcomes it may work towards:

 ‘The positive impact it had on the young people that was the best bit. I saw young people with anxiety be the first to volunteer. A young lad with Aspergers… visibly enjoying the activities and conversation with people. Those who have frequently said they have no friends laughing with their peers whilst building marshmallow spaghetti towers.’

Sam Lloydd, Manager of Starting Point, Mentoring Programs. June 2018

Please talk to Path Hill if you are interested in offering this program to your students. It will be good for them!