Curriculum Enrichment Days

Curriculum Enrichment Days:

Our themed learning days are particularly suited to primary schools and cross curricular approaches to learning.

We have a number of ‘ready to run’ curriculum days that we have developed with schools in recent years such as:

The Fire of London:

Combines history and science with design skills and the excitement of learning to make fire from friction.

The Gold Rush:

Allows students to try their hand at prospecting and get an experience of the wild west.

The Vikings:

Descend upon Path Hill in their hordes to share the excitement of Viking culture and history with locals. From skills in Viking navigation to a long ship burial.

We work with schools to get students engaged in the outdoors and help teachers to find ways to deliver curriculum content using outdoor learning techniques. For a full picture about what Path Hill can offer your school please click here 

Recent participants said our activities were: ‘fun and interactive, well planned and challenging’ and the students were ‘totally supported in their learning’.

Talk to us on 0118 9842500 to plan a curriculum enhancement day this year.