The New Outdoor Kitchen - the next phase

Kitchen photovoltaics Reading Energy Co-operative

Earlier this year Path Hill Outdoors was donated ten photovoltaic panels from a school that was being demolished.  We will be installing these over the summer to provide the energy for lighting, a fridge and a water pump. We will also try and run our pod from solar energy. Of course our students will be involved in the installation and interpretation of this work. Many thanks to Reading Community Energy Society for funding the inverters and batteries that we need. 

This project is a part of the Path Hill Sustainability Strategy - a five year plan to reduce our carbon footprint and develop the know how, belief and aspiration for a sustainable future in all our students and visitors to Path Hill Outdoors. 

Photovoltaics.jpg Bog garden.jpg







The Outdoor Kitchen nearing completion                                                                                                                                             The new bog garden taking rainwater from the outdoor kitchen roof and                 greywater from the kitchen sinks which then refills the wildlife pond