Alternative Provision

Alternative Provision 

We are an award winning social enterprise specialising in using the outdoors to facilitate growth in the lives of young people.

The team at Path Hill are skilled in working with students who find the classroom environment a challenge. We work daily with students educated outside of school and we have an excellent reputation for our work with looked after children and individuals with Autistic Spectrum and Anxiety Disorders. Path Hill works with LEA’s, PRU’s, Schools and parents to design and implement interventions to support young people.

Our success is predicated on three main principles:
  • Our outdoor location is a rich and varied place providing safe spaces and an environment that brings learning to life. 
  • We aim to develop nurturing and supportive relationships with adults and peers 
  • We offer a range of activities – most of them practical and/or physical providing opportunities for our students to develop interests, open up to new adventures and foster hope for their future. 

The intervention programmes at Path Hill Outdoors continue to evolve. There are currently three programmes that we feel are appropriate for students finding the classroom a challenge:

  • One to One Programme– a one staff to one student tailored curriculum for young people. 
  • Re-engagement Programmes – a longer term programme targetted at Year 8 or 9 students who need that extra help to engage at school. 
  • Small Group Programmes – a short term, small group programme that is designed to give students a boost - this is particularly effective with young people who lack self esteem.