Making charcoal for the nurses

Students will make charcoal and biochar and sell it to local shops Money raised will be donated to the NHS camps this summer 2021

This spring and summer students (and adults) who get involved in making charcoal at Path Hill will know that they are contributing to the funds to put on more NHS family days this summer. We sell our charcoal to Heath & Watkins in Sonning Common and also sell to visitors. Made from local coppiced wood this lumpwood charcoal is the most sustainable BBQ fuel you will find locally. As part of a new initiative we are also bagging up the finings from the charcoal kilns and selling this as biochar - a soil improver. 

We hope to raise several thousand pounds - enough to host 20 the families of nurses and ancillary workers from the local hospitals who have given so much over the past year. 

To understand our success from last year watch this BBC video To help us reach our target fund raising please donate at our Just Giving page.

Path Hill Charcoal .jpg