Benefits To Learning Outdoors

Benefits to learning outdoors


Children often learn best through doing and learning outside the classroom presents the perfect opportunity to incorporate all learning styles.  It makes learning more memorable and being outdoors can be the best place for ‘impactful’ learning. It gives children the opportunity to see, hear, touch and explore. Most importantly, children learn to have fun while having fun learning!


Evidence shows that children engaged in learning outside: 

  1. Achieve higher scores in class tests
  2. Are physically fitter
  3. Have improved motor skill development
  4. Have increased confidence and self esteem
  5. Show leadership qualities
  6. Are socially more confident
  7. Have awareness and respect for the environment
  8. Have improved relationships with their teachers


Wouldn’t you like this for all of your students… ?


Children without these opportunities are considered to be significantly disadvantaged


Ofsted re-stated in 2010

 ‘it is crucial that equal and full access to learning outside the classroom is ensured for all learners’.


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