Re-engagement Programmes


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These are longer term and targeted to students in Years 8 or 9 that may need help to engage fully with school life. They may be at risk of exclusion or they may just be struggling to cope. Either way carefully planned group work and a range of engaging outdoor learning activities will be delivered with a focus on how we learn, how we interact and how we can take responsibility for our actions. 

We start with I: Where I am, what I bring, who I am. We move towards you: an understanding of what you need and how I can support and encourage you. We end up together with a collective we: We can do this, we can support each other, we are a team.

Responsibility is defining: our re-engagement programmes find ways to give young people responsibility for their actions and their learning.

These programmes are run by us at Path Hill, with support from school staff. They are embedded within day to day school life and so the quality and regularity of communication between school and Path Hill is one of the critical success factors.

We work with the Teenage Wilderness Trust to fund these programmes and they will generally run for 2-3 terms.

If you think this sort of program would work in your school please call Path Hill on 0118 9842500