Mountain Bike Challenge

Trip for students to Wales

At the end of this term, three of our students will be undertaking a mountain bike expedition to Wales. Day one will be preparation - budgeting, food shopping, safety checks and packing and loading equipment. On day two we travel by car to Wales for our first days ride on the trails around Port Talbot & Afan Forest. Our students will need to support each other throughout the ride with coaching tips, navigation and encouragement - it could be tough going! The evening will involve safety checks again, group cooking and food preparation for day 2 and NO TECHNOLOGY (instead there will be chatting and a board game or two! Day 3 will involve an early start and a short drive to the mountain bike trails of Afan Forest. A tough ride with some technical elements awaits - the team will need to show grit and determination, and a little skill to navigate their way from start to finish! At the end of day three, 6 tired and happy people will make the drive back to South Oxfordshire for some well earned rest!