Group Programmes

The Early Intervention Programme

is aimed at students in years 6,7 and 8 who are struggling with learning in the conventional classroom. We know from schools that have used this programme in previous years that their students have been more able to re-engage at school and improve educational attainment. For one day a week over two six week blocks a group of eight to twelve students attend Path Hill Outdoors to get involved in learning woodland skills, group cooking, team building, preparing for expeditions and overnight camps. As we are based in woodlands, an understanding and care of our environment  permeates all our learning and students will leave with a greater understanding of ecology and our relationship with nature.

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These courses are not necessarily for students who are of a lower academic ability or who behave badly, but for those who find it difficult to learn in the classroom environment. They are often kinaesthetic learners who need a hands-on approach to their learning. We have found that the positive impact on students is greater when some of the experiences and learning are followed up back in school.

The Teenage Wilderness Trust is keen to support alternative curriculum programmes and is offering generous financial support to those schools wishing to enroll their students on The Early Intervention Programme. During 2015/16 the programme will be just £200 a day

Please contact Mark Hillyer for more information 0118 9842500 or email



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Back On Track

Back On Track is a programme of camps taking place during the holidays targeted at students who may need some additional support to prepare for when they return to school. We want to work with students from Years 7 to 9 who need a confidence boost and/or more experience of team work and working alongside their peers. There will also be a programme for current Year 6 pupils who may find the transition into secondary school a challenge. The programme will be a mix of day and overnight woodland camps starting this Easter.

Booster Camps for Years 7 to 9 – awaiting dates for 2016
Transition Camps for Year 6 
Summer Holidays – 24th to 27th August
Autumn Holidays – 26th to 28th October

If you know of any student who could benefit from Back On Track please get in touch for more details. These camps are funded by the Teenage Wilderness Trust.

Small Group Programme

Path Hill Outdoors is an ideal venue for working with small groups of three to five students from the same school. All programmes are bespoke and designed in conjunction with the teachers. The programmes can be for one or two days a week and last for half a term or longer

This approach to working in small groups is particularly targeted at PRU’s and special schools who may want to place their students in a different learning environment. One or two members of Path Hill staff will work with the group – we do ask that a school staff member is also present.

Cost from £300 a day