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This is a video about Rhys. He came to us a troubled young person with a disadvantaged background and a difficult childhood. A careful application of our tried and tested Enablement Model helped to support and develop Rhys to rejoin mainstream education. Rhys’ bespoke one to one intervention was heavily financially supported by the Teenage Wilderness Trust.

We think that when people have opportunities to take responsibility, be respected, have their feelings and frustrated attended to, then they can learn effectively. Instead of using punishment or extrinsic reward systems, we use non-aversive strategies, understanding why a young person is behaving in challenging ways and teaching them more appropriate ways to meet their needs.



The Enablement Model is a teaching approach which develops all aspects of a student’s character, rather than just focussing on the academic. Often students are unmotivated and disaffected because the curriculum does not address the fundamental needs that must be met before effective learning can take place. We look at each aspect of a young person’s character and use techniques to ensure that they are fulfilled as far as possible.

This approach is based on Abraham Maslow’s heirarchy of needs and measured through the Every Child Matters framework. It builds the student into a well-rounded, mature individual, able to engage with learning and function well in society.