New: Level 2 Diploma Course

Launching in September 2016, Path Hill now offer an NCFE accredited diploma course in Bushcraft and Outdoor Leadership. The course is targeted at Year 11 and post 16 students who have found academia difficult. It is a practical course with a realistic purpose in preparing participants for a future of working in the outdoor industry – whether this is instructing, mentoring, retail, or leisure services.

Who can apply for this course? 

The course is not just open to current or past students from Path Hill. We welcome any year 11 or post 16 students who have an enthusiasm for the outdoors and a notion that they would like to become an instructor and work in the outdoor environment.

No qualifications are required to apply for this course. We would encourage and support any student without functional skills qualifications to access further education on the two days of the working week when they are not attending Path Hill Outdoors.

There will be an initial interview to ensure the candidate understands the course content, the course requirements (working in small groups, overnight camps, and an expedition) and that the candidate has the motivation to sustain a year of working at Path Hill Outdoors.

How long is the course?

The course is for one year, three times a week for 30 weeks, starting in September and ending in June. Learning hours are 0930 to 1500.

This amounts to about 360 learning hours with some work expected to be completed off site. In addition to these hours there will be at least six overnights and two longer expeditions. The course will run on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during term time. There is an expectation of a 90{f3936aba04a4d8e9ea7dafbe5de2e5b11dec451a7b3a855a33b5e1bac4db60eb} attendance rate.

What will a student get? 

Students completing this course will get a Level 2 Diploma in Bushcraft and Outdoor Leadership externally certified by NCFE. They will leave the course with a valid three year First Aid certificate, a Food Safety and Hygiene certificate, and a portfolio to impress most prospective employers. They will gain experience in delivering and presenting to groups and individuals, organisation, planning, responsibility, team work and many other transferable skills.

Bespoke courses accredited by NCFE must adhere to the criteria for the level, appropriate depth of learning and complexity and must be presented in the specification format that is expected of a national qualification. 

How do I apply?

Please contact Mark Hillyer on 0118 984 2500 or email

Click here for an overview of Costs and timings.

For more information, download our brochure here: Introduction to course v2