Pond Life

It’s been a long haul, but the renovation of our wildlife pond area is finally nearing completion. Having begun the process at the start of the year, we’ve emptied the pond, changed its shape, fitted it with a new lining, and re-populated it with local plant and animal species. To cap it off, student K. and his instructor J. have created a brand new decking area by the waterside.
This has been a truly long-term project for K. He was involved in every step from the initial digging through to re-filling and re-planting, learning carpentry and landscaping skills on the way. K. has earned himself a reputation as a hard worker on the pond project, and has made a lasting change for the positive at Path Hill.

About Author: Mark Hillyer
Company Director of Path Hill Outdoors. Looks after our Intervention and Partnership programmes. Can usually be found pacing up and down the car park whilst on the phone....

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